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Small groups of 3-6 students

Private courses, semi-private courses


Course type Level  Courses period Course description Price in NOK
Spanish course Individual tution  All levels Individually based A tailor-made course that’s just for you! You decide the content and set your own personal objectives and timetable. Excellent for those with unique goals. from Nok 540 per lesson/45 min
Spanish course Intensive A1 A2
Beginner, some knowledge
2 weeks,
21 teaching hours
Our accelerated introduction to Spanish! You will hit the ground running and make rapid progress. Quickly begin communicating in your new language. 3150
Spanish course Super-intensive A1
Beginner, some knowledge

2 weeks,
42 teaching hours
If you need to start learning Spanish fast, this is the course for you! Meeting 21 hours a week for 2 weeks, you will quickly gain the knowledge and confidence to start speaking in Spanish.  5950
Spanish course Combination A1 A2, B1 B2
Beginner, some knowledge
2 weeks intensive+
4 weeks semi 
42 teaching hours
The perfect choice for those who need an accelerated start to learning but also wish to combine their Spanish study with work.  5950
Spanish course semi intensive 4 weeks A1 A2, B1 B2 Beginner, some knowledge.

4 weeks,
21 teaching hours 
The ideal course for students who are working or devoting their time to other areas. Meeting twice a week in small groups with expert teachers, students will make consistent learning progress.  3150
Spanish course semi intensive 8 weeks A1 A2, B1 B2
Beginner, some knowledge.

8 weeks,
42 teaching hours
Our extended version of the Semi-Intensive Course. Best for students wanting to obtain a deeper knowledge of the language.  5950
Spanish course Corporate A1 A2 B1 B2 C1  Individually based A course tailor-made for businesses. Course program and itinerary based on level and needs. 


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